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Art Classes Help Children Develop Lifelong Skills


Even though children just think of coloring with crayons, using hand paints or working with clay as fun, developing artistic skills have many benefits for children of all ages.  Art classes for children help kids to explore their creativity, learn to communicate through art and they can help children learn better focus.  Not only will developing these skills help them in school, but they will help them in other aspects of their life as well.

Art Class
Art Class
Art Class

Skills Learned Through Art


By exploring art through drawing, painting, crafting, or using other art mediums, children learn to think “outside of the box,” which can lead to tremendous success as adults.  If it weren’t for creative thinkers like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, many of the 21st century gadgets that we use today wouldn’t exist.  There wouldn’t be computers, cell phones or many other devices that we cannot seem to live without today.


Creative thinkers know how to think on their feet, making it easier for them to solve problems under pressure.  This skill can help children academically when it comes to taking tests.  They will know how to think quickly and resolve problems in a more creative manner than students who do not have exposure to the arts.  They will also develop problem-solving skills when they learn how to work with the different art media when they attend art school for children.


When children participate in art projects in a group, it helps develop their listening skills and focus so they can properly contribute to the group.  Even recent studies have shown that participating in the arts gives children the ability to focus and concentrate in other areas of their lives, such as their academics.  Improved focus and concentration can lead to better grades for kids who have benefited from organized art programs.

After School Art Classes


The MAYArt School offers art classes of all types after school for children from ages 5 to 15 years of age.  They can learn to work in a variety of media, from crayons to acrylic paint to mixed media. They can take classes in drawing, crafting, cartooning and explore other types of art in classes designated for their age groups.


MAYArt offers children art classes Winnipeg parents can enroll them in during the summer, fall, winter or springtime. If you want your children to learn about the arts and develop skills they can use throughout their lives, contact MAYArt for further information.

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