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Art classes for children in Winnipeg


Kids hands

Welcome to MAYArt - School!


MAYArt-school is an after-school fine art program sponsored by MAYArt - Branding Smart.  We designed a unique program for children 5-13 years old to allow them to explore and develop their creativity and expand their knowledge about art technics.


The program includes the following:

PAINTING - watercolour, mixed media, acrylic painting, pointillism, monotype ext.
Drawing - pencils, crayons

Art Classes Help Children Develop Lifelong Skills


Even though children think of colouring with crayons, using hand paints or working with clay as fun, developing artistic skills has many benefits for children of all ages. Art classes for children help kids explore their creativity and learn to communicate through art, and they can also help children learn better focus. Not only will developing these skills help them in school, but they will help them in other aspects of their life as well. read more

Events & Workshops

Art for kids

2023 registration is opened 


Our Classes


Our classes are once or twice a week and designed for small groups of up to 8 students.

For more information please call 204-421-2004 or email:

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